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Vikash,with the undisputed success of its students,is now a household name for quality education in the state of Odisha..

2002 Inception of Vikash Residential School,Bargarh Town.
2003 Vikash Residential School,Barahaguda,Bargarh.
2003 Vikash Junior College,Barahaguda,Bargarh.
2006 Vikash ACC Public School,Cement Nagar,Bargarh.
2006 Vikash ACC Public School,Dungri.
2008 Vikash Elite Club(Residential Staff Quarters),Bargarh.
2008 Vikash Residential School upgraded to Senior Secondary level by CBSE,Delhi.
2008 Opening of Commerce Wing,Vikash Junior College,Bargarh.
2009 Vikash College of Engineering for Women,Bargarh.
2009 Vikash Residential School,Bhubaneswar.
2009 Vikash IIT Olympiad Academy,Bargarh.
2010 Vikash The Concept School,Sambalpur.
2010 Staff Residential Quarters at Vikash New-Gen Park,Sambalpur.
2010 Vikash Junior College,Sambalppur.
2010 New Residential Block for Girls,Bargarh.
2011 Vikash School of Business & Management(BBA & BCA),Bargarh.
2011 Vikash IIT Academy for Competitive Examinations,Bargarh.
2012 Vikash High Global Campus,Bhubaneswar.
2012 Staff Residential Quarters at Vikash Knowledge Park,Bhubaneswar.
2012 Vikash IIT Academy for Competitive Examinations,Sambalpur & Bhubaneswar.
2012 Vikash Polytechnic(Diploma),Bargarh.
2012 Vikash Degree College(B.Sc(Hons) & B.Com(Hons)),Bargarh.
2013 Vikash Futuristic Global School (Town Campus),Sambalpur.
2014 New Residential Block at Sambalpur Campus.
2014 Vikash Cricket Stadium at Bargarh Campus.
2014 New Residential Block at Sambalpur Campus.
2015 New Academic Block for Business School,Bargarh.
2015 New Residential Block at Bhubaneswar Campus.
2015 New Senior Secondary Academic Block at Bargarh Campus.
2015 Vikash Institute of Technology(B.Tech,Converted to Co-ed)
2015 Integrated B.A.LLB 5 year Law Programme under Vikash Degree College,Bargarh.
2016 Lying the foundation stone of vikash Multi Speciality Hospital,Bargarh
2016 Vikash Institute for Social Welfare,Railway Station Road,Bargarh