Commencement of academic year and Annual examinations

  1. Teaching for all academic session shall ordinarily be held during July to April and all annual examinations shall ordinarily be held during April/ May.
  2. Hours of teaching, time devoted for theory paper carrying 100 marks shall be 4 period / week.
  3. A candidate shall be allowed to carry not more than 3 three theory papers as back / repeat in each year which he / she will have to clear within the next two yeas. Further, the candidate may be allowed to improve his / her performance in not more than 4 theory papers after completion of BBA to be availed once in two subsequent examinations.
  4. There shall be three internal examinations for each theory papers in each year for each annual examination.


Vikash School of Business Management,Bargarh
1-Apr-17 Saturday VSBM  
2-Apr-17 Sunday    
3-Apr-17 Monday Commencement of Univ Examination-2017  
4-Apr-17 Tuesday Sriram Navami   
5-Apr-17 Wednesday    
6-Apr-17 Thursday    
7-Apr-17 Friday    
8-Apr-17 Saturday    
9-Apr-17 Sunday    
10-Apr-17 Monday    
11-Apr-17 Tuesday    
12-Apr-17 Wednesday    
13-Apr-17 Thursday    
14-Apr-17 Friday    
15-Apr-17 Saturday    
16-Apr-17 Sunday    
17-Apr-17 Monday    
18-Apr-17 Tuesday    
19-Apr-17 Wednesday    
20-Apr-17 Thursday    
21-Apr-17 Friday    
22-Apr-17 Saturday    
23-Apr-17 Sunday    
24-Apr-17 Monday    
25-Apr-17 Tuesday    
26-Apr-17 Wednesday    
27-Apr-17 Thursday    
28-Apr-17 Friday    
29-Apr-17 Saturday    
30-Apr-17 Sunday    
1-May-17 Monday    
2-May-17 Tuesday    
3-May-17 Wednesday    
4-May-17 Thursday    
5-May-17 Friday    
6-May-17 Saturday Univ Exam Concludes  
7-May-17 Sunday    
8-May-17 Monday    
9-May-17 Tuesday Summer Internship Viva 2017  
10-May-17 Wednesday    
11-May-17 Thursday    
12-May-17 Friday    
13-May-17 Saturday    
14-May-17 Sunday Sunday  
15-May-17 Monday BBA-II Summer Internship Starts  
16-May-17 Tuesday    
17-May-17 Wednesday    
18-May-17 Thursday    
19-May-17 Friday    
20-May-17 Saturday    
21-May-17 Sunday SUMMER VACATION   
22-May-17 Monday    
23-May-17 Tuesday    
24-May-17 Wednesday    
25-May-17 Thursday    
26-May-17 Friday    
27-May-17 Saturday    
28-May-17 Sunday Sunday  
29-May-17 Monday    
30-May-17 Tuesday    
31-May-17 Wednesday    
1-Jun-17 Thursday    
2-Jun-17 Friday    
3-Jun-17 Saturday    
4-Jun-17 Sunday Sunday  
5-Jun-17 Monday    
6-Jun-17 Tuesday    
7-Jun-17 Wednesday    
8-Jun-17 Thursday    
9-Jun-17 Friday    
10-Jun-17 Saturday    
11-Jun-17 Sunday    
12-Jun-17 Monday    
13-Jun-17 Tuesday    
14-Jun-17 Wednesday    
15-Jun-17 Thursday    
16-Jun-17 Friday    
17-Jun-17 Saturday    
18-Jun-17 Sunday    
19-Jun-17 Monday    
20-Jun-17 Tuesday    
21-Jun-17 Wednesday    
22-Jun-17 Thursday    
23-Jun-17 Friday    
24-Jun-17 Saturday    
25-Jun-17 Sunday    
26-Jun-17 Monday    
27-Jun-17 Tuesday    
28-Jun-17 Wednesday    
29-Jun-17 Thursday    
30-Jun-17 Friday BBA-II Summer Internship ENDS  
1-Jul-17 Saturday    
2-Jul-17 Sunday Holiday  
3-Jul-17 Monday BAHUDA YATRA  
4-Jul-17 Tuesday    
5-Jul-17 Wednesday    
6-Jul-17 Thursday    
7-Jul-17 Friday    
8-Jul-17 Saturday    
9-Jul-17 Sunday Holiday  
10-Jul-17 Monday
11-Jul-17 Tuesday World Population Day  
12-Jul-17 Wednesday Commencement of BBA / BCA 2nd Year & 3rd Year Classes  
13-Jul-17 Thursday    
14-Jul-17 Friday    
15-Jul-17 Saturday    
16-Jul-17 Sunday    
17-Jul-17 Monday    
18-Jul-17 Tuesday    
19-Jul-17 Wednesday    
20-Jul-17 Thursday    
21-Jul-17 Friday    
22-Jul-17 Saturday    
23-Jul-17 Sunday    
24-Jul-17 Monday    
25-Jul-17 Tuesday    
26-Jul-17 Wednesday Kargil Victory Day  
27-Jul-17 Thursday    
28-Jul-17 Friday    
29-Jul-17 Saturday    
30-Jul-17 Sunday    
31-Jul-17 Monday    
1-Aug-17 Tuesday  
2-Aug-17 Wednesday Commencement of BBA / BCA 1st Year Classes  
3-Aug-17 Thursday    
4-Aug-17 Friday    
5-Aug-17 Saturday    
6-Aug-17 Sunday    
7-Aug-17 Monday RAKSHA BANDHAN / JHULANA PURNIMA (Holiday)  
8-Aug-17 Tuesday    
9-Aug-17 Wednesday    
10-Aug-17 Thursday    
11-Aug-17 Friday    
12-Aug-17 Saturday    
13-Aug-17 Sunday    
14-Aug-17 Monday Janmasthami   
15-Aug-17 Tuesday Independence Day Celebration   
16-Aug-17 Wednesday    
17-Aug-17 Thursday  
18-Aug-17 Friday  
19-Aug-17 Saturday  
20-Aug-17 Sunday    
21-Aug-17 Monday    
22-Aug-17 Tuesday    
23-Aug-17 Wednesday Freshers Day Celebration  
24-Aug-17 Thursday    
25-Aug-17 Friday Ganesh Puja & 11th Foundation Day Celebration  
26-Aug-17 Saturday Nuakhai (Holiday)  
27-Aug-17 Sunday Holiday / Reporting of Hostel students after Nuakhai Holidays  
28-Aug-17 Monday    
29-Aug-17 Tuesday  
30-Aug-17 Wednesday  
31-Aug-17 Thursday  
1-Sep-17 Friday  
2-Sep-17 Saturday Id-ul-zuha (Holiday)  
3-Sep-17 Sunday    
4-Sep-17 Monday    
5-Sep-17 Tuesday Teachers Day (Celebration)  
6-Sep-17 Wednesday    
7-Sep-17 Thursday    
8-Sep-17 Friday World Literacy Day  
9-Sep-17 Saturday    
10-Sep-17 Sunday    
11-Sep-17 Monday    
12-Sep-17 Tuesday    
13-Sep-17 Wednesday    
14-Sep-17 Thursday Hindi Divas  
15-Sep-17 Friday    
16-Sep-17 Saturday    
17-Sep-17 Sunday  VISWAKARMA PUJA  
18-Sep-17 Monday    
19-Sep-17 Tuesday Mahalaya  
20-Sep-17 Wednesday    
21-Sep-17 Thursday    
22-Sep-17 Friday Internal Exam-I BBA/BCA  
23-Sep-17 Saturday Internal Exam-I BBA/BCA  
24-Sep-17 Sunday    
25-Sep-17 Monday Internal Exam-I BBA/BCA  
26-Sep-17 Tuesday Internal Exam-I BBA  
27-Sep-17 Wednesday PUJA VACATION Begins / Maha Saptami/World Tourism Day   
28-Sep-17 Thursday Maha Astami   
29-Sep-17 Friday Maha Navami   
30-Sep-17 Saturday Vijaya Dasami  
1-Oct-17 Sunday Moharram / Holiday  
2-Oct-17 Monday Gandhi & Sastri Jayanti/ Global Non-Violence Day (Observation)  
3-Oct-17 Tuesday    
4-Oct-17 Wednesday    
5-Oct-17 Thursday Kumara Purnima/Maha Gaja Laxmi Puja  
6-Oct-17 Friday    
7-Oct-17 Saturday    
8-Oct-17 Sunday Holiday / Reporting of Students after Puja Vacation  
9-Oct-17 Monday School Reopens after Puja Vacation  
10-Oct-17 Tuesday    
11-Oct-17 Wednesday International Girl Child Day  
12-Oct-17 Thursday    
13-Oct-17 Friday    
14-Oct-17 Saturday    
15-Oct-17 Sunday    
16-Oct-17 Monday
17-Oct-17 Tuesday
18-Oct-17 Wednesday
19-Oct-17 Thursday Diwali / Kalipuja (Holiday)  
20-Oct-17 Friday    
21-Oct-17 Saturday    
22-Oct-17 Sunday    
23-Oct-17 Monday
24-Oct-17 Tuesday
25-Oct-17 Wednesday
26-Oct-17 Thursday
27-Oct-17 Friday
28-Oct-17 Saturday
29-Oct-17 Sunday Holiday / Aanla Nabami  
30-Oct-17 Monday
31-Oct-17 Tuesday  Rastriya Ekta Diwas (Sardar Patel) / National Integration Day  
1-Nov-17 Wednesday    
2-Nov-17 Thursday    
3-Nov-17 Friday    
4-Nov-17 Saturday Rahasa Purnima/Kartika Purnima    
5-Nov-17 Sunday    
6-Nov-17 Monday Internal Exam-II BBA/BCA  
7-Nov-17 Tuesday Internal Exam-II BBA/BCA  
8-Nov-17 Wednesday Internal Exam-II BBA/BCA  
9-Nov-17 Thursday Internal Exam-II BBA  
10-Nov-17 Friday    
11-Nov-17 Saturday Prathamastami / National Education Day
12-Nov-17 Sunday Holiday  
13-Nov-17 Monday    
14-Nov-17 Tuesday Children's Day   
15-Nov-17 Wednesday    
16-Nov-17 Thursday  
17-Nov-17 Friday  
18-Nov-17 Saturday  
19-Nov-17 Sunday Holiday  
20-Nov-17 Monday    
21-Nov-17 Tuesday    
22-Nov-17 Wednesday    
23-Nov-17 Thursday    
24-Nov-17 Friday    
25-Nov-17 Saturday ANNUAL FUNCTION (Main Campus)  
26-Nov-17 Sunday    
27-Nov-17 Monday    
28-Nov-17 Tuesday  
29-Nov-17 Wednesday  
30-Nov-17 Thursday  
1-Dec-17 Friday World Aids Day  
2-Dec-17 Saturday Birthday of Prophet Mohammad (Holiday)/ National Population Day  
3-Dec-17 Sunday    
4-Dec-17 Monday    
5-Dec-17 Tuesday    
6-Dec-17 Wednesday    
7-Dec-17 Thursday    
8-Dec-17 Friday    
9-Dec-17 Saturday    
10-Dec-17 Sunday    
11-Dec-17 Monday
12-Dec-17 Tuesday    
13-Dec-17 Wednesday  
14-Dec-17 Thursday National Energy Conservation Day  
15-Dec-17 Friday  
16-Dec-17 Saturday    
17-Dec-17 Sunday    
18-Dec-17 Monday Internal Exam-III BBA/BCA  
19-Dec-17 Tuesday Internal Exam-III BBA/BCA  
20-Dec-17 Wednesday Internal Exam-III BBA/BCA  
21-Dec-17 Thursday Internal Exam-III BBA  
22-Dec-17 Friday Ramanujan’s Birthday / Mathematics Day Celebration  
23-Dec-17 Saturday Kisan Divas (Farmer's Day)  
24-Dec-17 Sunday    
25-Dec-17 Monday Christmas Day / Winter Break Begins  
26-Dec-17 Tuesday    
27-Dec-17 Wednesday    
28-Dec-17 Thursday    
29-Dec-17 Friday    
30-Dec-17 Saturday    
31-Dec-17 Sunday Tuesday  
1-Jan-18 Monday Happy New Year 2018  
2-Jan-18 Tuesday PAUSA PURNIMA  
3-Jan-18 Wednesday
4-Jan-18 Thursday    
5-Jan-18 Friday  
6-Jan-18 Saturday    
7-Jan-18 Sunday    
8-Jan-18 Monday    
9-Jan-18 Tuesday End Term-I BBA/BCA  
10-Jan-18 Wednesday End Term-I BBA/BCA  
11-Jan-18 Thursday End Term-I BBA/BCA  
12-Jan-18 Friday End Term-I BBA  
13-Jan-18 Saturday LOHRI  
14-Jan-18 Sunday MAKARA SANKRANTI / PONGAL (Holiday)  
15-Jan-18 Monday COURSE COMPLETION (2nd & 3rd Year)  
16-Jan-18 Tuesday    
17-Jan-18 Wednesday End Term-II BBA/BCA  
18-Jan-18 Thursday End Term-II BBA/BCA       
19-Jan-18 Friday End Term-II BBA/BCA       
20-Jan-18 Saturday End Term-II BBA              
21-Jan-18 Sunday    
22-Jan-18 Monday VASANT PANCHAMI   
23-Jan-18 Tuesday Netaji Jayanti / Veer Surendra Sai Jayanti (Observation)  
24-Jan-18 Wednesday National Girl Child Day
25-Jan-18 Thursday National  Voter’s Day  
26-Jan-18 Friday Republic Day Celebration  
27-Jan-18 Saturday    
28-Jan-18 Sunday    
29-Jan-18 Monday    
30-Jan-18 Tuesday Martyrs' Day  
31-Jan-18 Wednesday    
1-Feb-18 Thursday    
2-Feb-18 Friday    
3-Feb-18 Saturday  V-Sparx 2K 17  
4-Feb-18 Sunday  V-Sparx 2K 18  
5-Feb-18 Monday VST-I BBA/BCA   
6-Feb-18 Tuesday VST-I BBA/BCA  
7-Feb-18 Wednesday VST-I BBA/BCA  
8-Feb-18 Thursday VST-I BBA/BCA  
9-Feb-18 Friday VST-I BBA/BCA  
10-Feb-18 Saturday VST-I BBA/BCA  
11-Feb-18 Sunday    
12-Feb-18 Monday VST-I BBA  
13-Feb-18 Tuesday MAHA SHIVARATRI (Holiday)  
14-Feb-18 Wednesday VST-I BBA  
15-Feb-18 Thursday    
16-Feb-18 Friday FAREWELL  
17-Feb-18 Saturday Death Aniversary of Gunnam Ram Chandra Rao  
18-Feb-18 Sunday    
19-Feb-18 Monday    
20-Feb-18 Tuesday    
21-Feb-18 Wednesday VST-II BBA/BCA  
22-Feb-18 Thursday VST-II BBA/BCA  
23-Feb-18 Friday VST-II BBA/BCA  
24-Feb-18 Saturday VST-II BBA/BCA  
25-Feb-18 Sunday    
26-Feb-18 Monday VST-II BBA/BCA  
27-Feb-18 Tuesday VST-II BBA/BCA  
28-Feb-18 Wednesday VST-II BBA  
1-Mar-18 Thursday VST-II BBA  
2-Mar-18 Friday HOLI   
3-Mar-18 Saturday    
4-Mar-18 Sunday    
5-Mar-18 Monday Panchayati Raj Divas   
6-Mar-18 Tuesday    
7-Mar-18 Wednesday    
8-Mar-18 Thursday International Women's Day  
9-Mar-18 Friday    
10-Mar-18 Saturday    
11-Mar-18 Sunday    
12-Mar-18 Monday    
13-Mar-18 Tuesday    
14-Mar-18 Wednesday    
15-Mar-18 Thursday    
16-Mar-18 Friday    
17-Mar-18 Saturday    
18-Mar-18 Sunday    
19-Mar-18 Monday    
20-Mar-18 Tuesday    
21-Mar-18 Wednesday    
22-Mar-18 Thursday
23-Mar-18 Friday
24-Mar-18 Saturday
25-Mar-18 Sunday SRI RAM NAVAMI   
26-Mar-18 Monday    
27-Mar-18 Tuesday    
28-Mar-18 Wednesday    
29-Mar-18 Thursday    
30-Mar-18 Friday    
31-Mar-18 Saturday    
1-Apr-18 Sunday Sunday  
2-Apr-18 Monday University Exams Commencement-18
3-Apr-18 Tuesday  
4-Apr-18 Wednesday    
5-Apr-18 Thursday    
6-Apr-18 Friday    
7-Apr-18 Saturday    
8-Apr-18 Sunday Sunday  
9-Apr-18 Monday    
10-Apr-18 Tuesday    
11-Apr-18 Wednesday    
12-Apr-18 Thursday    
13-Apr-18 Friday    
14-Apr-18 Saturday    
15-Apr-18 Sunday Sunday  
16-Apr-18 Monday    
17-Apr-18 Tuesday    
18-Apr-18 Wednesday    
19-Apr-18 Thursday    
20-Apr-18 Friday    
21-Apr-18 Saturday    
22-Apr-18 Sunday Sunday  
23-Apr-18 Monday    
24-Apr-18 Tuesday    
25-Apr-18 Wednesday    
26-Apr-18 Thursday    
27-Apr-18 Friday    
28-Apr-18 Saturday    
29-Apr-18 Sunday Sunday  
30-Apr-18 Monday    
1-May-18 Tuesday    
2-May-18 Wednesday    
3-May-18 Thursday    
4-May-18 Friday    
5-May-18 Saturday    
6-May-18 Sunday Sunday Sunday
7-May-18 Monday    
8-May-18 Tuesday    
9-May-18 Wednesday    
10-May-18 Thursday    
11-May-18 Friday    
12-May-18 Saturday    
13-May-18 Sunday    
14-May-18 Monday    
15-May-18 Tuesday    
16-May-18 Wednesday    
17-May-18 Thursday    
18-May-18 Friday    
19-May-18 Saturday    
20-May-18 Sunday    
21-May-18 Monday    
22-May-18 Tuesday    
23-May-18 Wednesday    
24-May-18 Thursday    
25-May-18 Friday    
26-May-18 Saturday    
27-May-18 Sunday    
28-May-18 Monday    
29-May-18 Tuesday    
30-May-18 Wednesday