Vikash has adapted and accepted the implementation of modern systems, adopting latest technologies in teaching methodologies and developments making education a truly global. Preparing new generation students to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible and real world based approach to education.

Vikash Group of Institutions spread across the state of Odisha is truly a world-class educational group that strives to educate future citizens for life. The institutions promoted by the group represent the transformation stage of education globally. This metamorphosis and the learning philosophy practiced at Vikash infuses traditional values into a progressive approach, equipping students to become independent, have their feet firmly on the ground, yet adapt and excel in their chosen fields anywhere in the world.

‘Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love and send them forth in freedom.”

Ideal education should impart knowledge, shape the character and mould the personality of the child.

VIKASH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS at Bhubaneswar (affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi) made a humble beginning on 17th June 2009 and has been pioneering in the field of education to build a strong younger generation with a sound mind and sound body for the past 3 years. We believe in adding value to the existing education system in as many ways as we can by enriching young people to grow into fine human beings. At VIKASH we encourage children to learn how to learn and also to sustain their love for learning,

Your patronage helped us to grow faster and after 3 years we are 800 strong and functioning as 2 schools. We look forward to grow further to serve you better.

  • To unleash the hidden talents of the children
  • To empower the children thro thought and action
  • To enable them to face challenges of life
  • To provide opportunities for experiencing life itself
  • To inculcate a democratic way of life

VIKASH KNOWLEDGE PARK IS affiliated to CBSE and we follow the NCF and CBSE guidelines, syllabus and text books.

CCE (Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation) is followed in totality.

D.Murali Krishan

A visionary social entrepreneur with strong determination and resilience, who entered into the field of educational entrepreneurship in the year 2002. A person, who loves challenges, believes in transforming them into opportunities, for the realization of dreams. His value centric approach rightly identified the brand of Vikash in developing a value based service network for students,parents,employees and general public of the society. His multi-dimensional personality is the driving force of this educational venture.

G.Bhaskar Rao
Managing Director

"The family of Vikash is growing every year. Growth is the sign of life and education is the lifeline for prosperity. All our efforts are focused on making Odisha,the land of knowledge and a university of Talent. We are sure that we will realize this dream with the whole hearted efforts of the teachers,parents,students and well-wishers."

D.Nageswar Rao
Director Administration

"Today, I notice a phenomenal change in the attitude of the people towrds Vikash. There is a sprkle in their eyes and a sense of respect in their demeanor,when they say they represent Vikash. The credit goes to the hard work of students,parents and the Team of Vikash. We are motivated to move ahead with added zest and zeal."

Academic Director

"It is our constant endeavor to observe and monitor the latest trends and approach in the field of education across the globe. We are determined to groom Vikashites to be ready for global challenges. We are committed to be geared up for the modern learning both academically and technologically to make students encounter all challenges with confidence."

Transformation of the society should take place from the roots; only then we can soar in the sky. Vikash is committed to play a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming the future citizens. The endeavour is to set a path to systematic education with global relevance, so that the students are groomed to meet the challenges and emerge successful with a global outlook.

D.Murali Krishna,Chairman

Ideal education should impart knowledge, shape the character and mould the personality of the child; it should assist him in imbibing and assimilating the social, moral, ethical and spiritual values so necessary for the development of an attitude of service.

Vijaya Lakshmi Das, Principal