Vikash Junior College is a part of the Vikash New-Gen Park at Bhubaneswar stands as a symbol of next generation. Spread over 15 acres of land, the campus is located in serene surroundings, away from the urban pollution and distractions. As you enter this World of Knowledge, the first impression, which leaves a lasting impression, is that of space. 'Vast' seems to be a small word to describe it. The unique design of the campus, student-friendly facilities, airy classrooms, laboratories, well-equipped multipurpose hall, vast sports field and the modern residential facilities enhance the learning environment here. Every minute detail has been addressed to with due care while designing this New-Gen Knowledge Park to nurture holistic individuals who can make the nation proud.

Vikash group of junior colleges are having ennobling vision to develop that is latent in the students, creating leaders of the future and to prepare them for the challenges of the fast changing world through encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness.

We at Vikash are committed to work together to obtain exceptional results in scholastic and co-scholastic arenas. The administration is open to change, receptive to constructive and creative ideas and responsive to the parental need and concerns.

D.Murali Krishan

A visionary social entrepreneur with strong determination and resilience, who entered into the field of educational entrepreneurship in the year 2002. A person, who loves challenges, believes in transforming them into opportunities, for the realization of dreams. His value centric approach rightly identified the brand of Vikash in developing a value based service network for students,parents,employees and general public of the society. His multi-dimensional personality is the driving force of this educational venture.

G.Bhaskar Rao
Managing Director

"The family of Vikash is growing every year. Growth is the sign of life and education is the lifeline for prosperity. All our efforts are focused on making Odisha,the land of knowledge and a university of Talent. We are sure that we will realize this dream with the whole hearted efforts of the teachers,parents,students and well-wishers."

D.Nageswar Rao
Director Administration

"Today, I notice a phenomenal change in the attitude of the people towrds Vikash. There is a sprkle in their eyes and a sense of respect in their demeanor,when they say they represent Vikash. The credit goes to the hard work of students,parents and the Team of Vikash. We are motivated to move ahead with added zest and zeal."

Academic Director

"It is our constant endeavor to observe and monitor the latest trends and approach in the field of education across the globe. We are determined to groom Vikashites to be ready for global challenges. We are committed to be geared up for the modern learning both academically and technologically to make students encounter all challenges with confidence."

Transformation of the society should take place from the roots; only then we can soar in the sky. Vikash is committed to play a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming the future citizens. The endeavour is to set a path to systematic education with global relevance, so that the students are groomed to meet the challenges and emerge successful with a global outlook.

D.Murali Krishna,Chairman

Robert Collier rightly says, 'Success is the sum of small efforts cultivated day in and day out'. As we move ahead in our journey through the 21st century when we are making giant leaps in the field of technology, a positive force guiding all of us is the fact that we have today ushered in an 'era of responsibility'. Instead of complaining we are learning to take up the responsibility of our wrong-doing and thus understanding the importance of making the right choice at the right moment. As creations of nature it is desired that we value and respect the existence of each and every living creature otherwise our survival becomes difficult. We urgently need to understand that we are interdependent on each other for our very existence. Living in competition is not nature's rule. Our survival is possible not by competing with others in the race, but by creating space and circumstances for the survival of others in coordination with our own growth.

Mr.Sanjeeb Kumar Baboo