The Institution has established R&D cell in our college to promote research in newly emerging and frontier areas of science and engineering including multidisciplinary fields taking into account the capability of the host institution and to encourage young scientists to take up challenging R&D activities. We have also collaborated with other research group for interfacing multidisciplinary research work.

Investigative activities that a business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products or procedures. Research and development is one of the means by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations.

Our mission is to change the way we understand the world. In the past decade, an abundance of data has become available, such as online data on the Web, scientific data such as the transcript of the human genome, plant genome, and sensor data acquired by robots or by the buildings we inhabit. The list is endless. Turning data into information pertaining to problems that people care about is the central core of any research. We seek to develop the next generations of theory, algorithms, and systems that help us attach meaning to bits and bytes.

The R&D cell is dedicated for:

  • Publishing papers in National and International journals.
  • Presenting papers in National and International Conferences.
  • Proposed funding projects from AICTE, UGC, DST and Foreign Companies etc.
  • Inviting Resource persons for improvement of the work in the relevant field.
  • Conducting National and International Conferences in our Institute.
  • Involving staff members in the research activity.
  • Involving students to take part in research work.
  • Ph.D. Scholars and M. Tech students from other Universities for carrying out thesis work.
  • Bioinformatics
  • Digital signal processing
  • Genomic Signal Processing
  • Computational Method for Solution of Differential Equation
  • Numerical Methods
  • Image processing
  • Data structure and Algorithm
  • Plant genomics and proteomics
  • Speech & language Processing
  • Mechatronics
  • Machine designing
  • Machine learning
  • Automation & Control
  • Reconfigurable architecture design
  • Computer security and cryptography
  • Communication technology
  • Power system management
  • Nanotechnology
  • Materials & Molecular Science
  • Soil Mechanics

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