International Womens Day The campus celebrated Womens Day with a lot of enthusiasm on 8th March. The girls in their gorgeous attires and with a confidence on face made the occassion a successful one. Chief Guests: Dr. Susmita Dash, Gynecologist Sai Multispeciality Hospital Smt Reena Dash, popular singer and AIR artist. The day was full of fun with many activities. Girls interacted with His Excellency, Governor of Odisha Prof Ganeshi Lal, distributed brooches with a sense of pride to celebrate womanhood, evening spent with DJ. Result of My Iconic Indian Women Achiever competition on womans day 1st Abhipsa Pattanaik- 1st sem ( Physics hons ) 2nd Sagarika Satpathy- 6th sem ( Chemistry hons ) 3rd. Ila Sahu- B Tech 3rd yr ( CSE branch)

On 26th November 2018 National Law Day was observed in Vikash Degree College. Senior Advocate Sarat Ku. Pradhan attended as Chief Guest and Senior Advocate Trinath Sahu attended as Chief Speaker and delivered their speech on the topic " Relevance of Indian Constitution in present day scenario". Chairman Vikash Group D. Murali Krishna graced the occasion and discussed about the relevance of constitution. Director, Vikash Group Dr. S.N.Panda in his speech highlighted the Constitutional Provisions and advised the students to implement it in day to day life. Principal VSBM Dr. K.K.Pradhan, Principal VIT Er. A.K. Mohapatra and Co-ordinator Dept. of Law, VDC, Shivananda Sahu also shared their views on the topic.Jaimini kumar sahu,Asst. prof. of Law coordinated the whole program.

A two days Moot Court practice session was held in Dept. of Law Vikash Degree College on 19th November 2018 and 23rd November 2018 respectively. The Deputy Director Higher Education, Govt. of Odisha Dr. Tushar Kanti Satpathy witnessed the Moot Court session where Law students presented their moot memorials both from appellant and Respondent side.

On DT-6TH Oct 2018Dr S. N. SAHU ,former press secretary of former president Late K. R. Narayan delivered a talk on “Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in contemporary world”.He spoke about the reality in the real world and also gave empathetic ideas on the philosophy of Swami Vivekanand,Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King jr.He shared his thoughts and feelings and interacted with the students.It was very much influential not only for the students but also for the teachers.

Vikash Degree college organized a program to select the students to participate in JUAN PARAB a competition in University level consisting of various events. It was a great platform for the students to project themselves and prove their talents.

On DT-5TH September Teachers’ day was celebrated in Vikash Institute with great pomp and immense fervor. The contribution of teachers towards society was realized in this event.There was a massive gathering of all the teachers of Vikash Institute and at the end of this event they were felicitated with token of love.