We at Vikash the Concept School, Sambalpur provide day boarding facility where a student gets quality academics, personal care, all-round development and the activities related to CCE as prescribed by the board. When the student goes home, we send him/her free from all the pressure and tension of home works, assignments and projects. We have the strategic plan of completing the day’s work of a child before he/she leaves the school for home. For this, the child is burden free and enjoys the evening hours at home with the parents. Even the parents spend the most valuable evening hours with the child in love and affection after the day’s hard work. We have seen that behind every goal fulfillment of children lies the hand of a strong academy. Discovering this need and realizing its necessity, we started the Vikash the Concept School. The institution has taken this step ensuring that children are well prepared for a better life, right from kindergarten in a soothing environment.

A parent wishes to provide his/her child better exposure, good communication skills, a sense of spirituality, moral and ethical values, behavioral growth and life skills etc by admitting him/her in a residential school. We impart all these aspects in our day-boarding system at Vikash The Concept School and encourage the talent to develop the creativity, self confidence and dynamism, a sense of love and affection to make learning more interesting and enjoyable inculcating good qualities and character to the young minds. The best thing we have marked is that a child gets all these aspects in school hours and get the love, affection and care of the parents after the school without a stint of pressure or burden from school.

Vikash Schools has a vision to provide a caring environment for children to Aspire and guide them to acquire the necessary knowledge to Achieve happiness and success. It is our hope that the products of Vikash Schools will be courageous citizens of the world, experts in their chosen fields spreading the aura of human values to make the world a better place to live in.

The Main Purpose of Vikash Schools is to lead the children entering our portal on a voyage of self-discovery. We are committed to provide quality education in a stress free environment. We identify and nurture the latent creative potential in every child. We enable our students to face a competitive world with confidence and poise. Our thrust is on eternal values of fair play and justice; a life of harmony with society and environment; opening the gateway to the best of world culture and traditions; and inculcate a sense of responsibility to preserve and protect our heritage.

Vikash The Concept school, Sasan, Sambalpur

The school is Affiliated to CBSE upto Secondary school with Affiliation No. 1530169.

School No - 53128 is to be added.

D.Murali Krishan

A visionary social entrepreneur with strong determination and resilience, who entered into the field of educational entrepreneurship in the year 2002. A person, who loves challenges, believes in transforming them into opportunities, for the realization of dreams. His value centric approach rightly identified the brand of Vikash in developing a value based service network for students,parents,employees and general public of the society. His multi-dimensional personality is the driving force of this educational venture.

G.Bhaskar Rao
Managing Director

"The family of Vikash is growing every year. Growth is the sign of life and education is the lifeline for prosperity. All our efforts are focused on making Odisha,the land of knowledge and a university of Talent. We are sure that we will realize this dream with the whole hearted efforts of the teachers,parents,students and well-wishers."

D.Nageswar Rao
Director Administration

"Today, I notice a phenomenal change in the attitude of the people towrds Vikash. There is a sprkle in their eyes and a sense of respect in their demeanor,when they say they represent Vikash. The credit goes to the hard work of students,parents and the Team of Vikash. We are motivated to move ahead with added zest and zeal."

Academic Director

"It is our constant endeavor to observe and monitor the latest trends and approach in the field of education across the globe. We are determined to groom Vikashites to be ready for global challenges. We are committed to be geared up for the modern learning both academically and technologically to make students encounter all challenges with confidence."

Transformation of the society should take place from the roots; only then we can soar in the sky. Vikash is committed to play a key role in shaping the future of the world by grooming the future citizens. The endeavour is to set a path to systematic education with global relevance, so that the students are groomed to meet the challenges and emerge successful with a global outlook.

D.Murali Krishna,Chairman

“The little steps of today determine the confident strides of the future.”

VIKASH THE CONCEPT SCHOOL, SASON, SAMBALPUR provides a stimulating ambience and offers a unique teaching-training platform that kindles the imagination of young minds and gives their talent to the right direction of progress. The Alma-Mater respects children’s wisdom, imagination and encourages them to THINK BIG. In all fields be it academics, sports or creativity every inch of sprawling student-friendly campus motivates the child to reach the TOP. The school always strives for designing learning methods to care and nurture young minds and empowering them with life skills and aptitudes in an array of functional discipline.

Sanjukta Dash, Principal